Fulbright’s D.A.T. in México!

The culmination of our week-long orientation in Mexico City was the awards breakfast. I was surprised and especially honored to be seated at Table #01 with the dignitaries and important people in Mexico who support education and the Fulbright program (called COMEXUS).

The photo collage shows Mexico Deputy Secretary of Education (Sr. Javier Treviño) and other dignitaries from the U.S. Department of State, like Ms Hazel Blackmore (posing with me and the flags). It was a real honor to wear the Fulbright pin from the orientation in Washington with the pin of the two flags from Mexico and the United States.

I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship through the Distinguished Awards and Teaching program, supported by the U.S. Department of State. I am the only awardee in the entire country of Mexico on the program from August through December 2016.

I have been preparing my project since I got the acceptance letter around April and now I’m looking forward to know as much about Mexico, her culture, people, and history through my inquiry project on “significant stories” as told by English language learners in Mexico!


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