Historical “Überblick”

My first weekend in Mexico, I lost no time in taking a walk through the historical district to get a historical perspective, overview (or überblick), of the famous buildings that withstood the Mexican’s tumultuous history from before its independence through the Mexican Revolution.

I walked with fellow Fulbright researcher Maria Luisa, who is from Mexico. She used to live in the area and recommended me to find a place in the neighborhood. I might since it’s so full of history and interesting places to visit, such as the Casa de los Azuelos (House of Tiles).

I also enjoyed lunch with UAM-I English language professor Dr. Javier and UNAM historian lecturer Juan Pablo, advisors on my project, at the terrace restaurant overlooking El Zócalo (constitution plaza). The learned professors explained to me how this very place was where many explosive events in Mexico’s tumultuous history ignited! I’m excited to find out more in the intensive course on history, which begins next week.


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