Weekend 1: Coyoacán

My first weekend in Mexico! Manolo is a friend who lives in Mexico City working in advertising. He is from Puebla. He took me around Coyoacán.

This place seemed like a microcosm of Mexico at first glance. The neighborhood is well-laid out with the ubiquitous square where people gather on weekends like today. Was this a town that was independent before the spread of Mexico City from the Centro’s main Zócalo (main square)?

From the photos I took today, I can tell that balloons are popular as are street hawkers. I loved the fresh coconut that was machete’d opened for me for MX$35 (US$1.84), which was slightly more expensive than what you can get in Sri Lanka! This smart vendor was poised across the street from the long line going into Frida’s blue house. I decided to forget Frida and drink the coconut juice instead.

Manolo led me to some artisan shops, which I might pass through at the end of my stay in Mexico; maybe… He took me to a popular coffee seller’s shop that sold amazing coffee. In a small restaurant he gave me a quick explanation of the different types of tacos. All I remember was that the names of the tacos (pastor, gringa) depended on the size and content. I didn’t bother memorizing this all because EVERYTHING looked delicious. The coal-roasted corn slathered with hot and juicy toppings were fun to look at, but I passed. What a great first weekend!


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