Cheaper Eats in Mexico

Mexican cuisine is award-winning. It is considered a UNESCO world heritage and cultural patrimony, par excellence, which means “they beat us!” in French.

You don’t have to go to the very best restaurant to get excellent Mexican food. I found excellent home-style dishes for lunch at neighborhood “hole in the wall” places in Mexico City called “comida corrida”. This literally means “running food”, but it actually means something like prixe fixe meal that includes a soup, rice, entree, maybe dessert, and endless refills on the fruit juice of the day. I have paid from MX$ 55 up to MX$ 70 and got to taste the various dishes that exists on the home-cooked level.

I have not tried the street stands, despite the daily probiotics I take. After a serious bout with amebae in Guatemala over a decade ago, of which I have vivid memories of how the amebae almost won, I just have an appetite for street food in Mexico–no matter how much others have raved about it.

I intend to share some examples of what I’ve eaten at comida corridas by updating this blog post. Bon appétit!



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