Green Grocers Rule

Near my apartment, on my way to and from the metro station, I pass a green grocer who rotates an appetizing selection of seasonal fruits that can be irresistible, along with the staples needed for breakfast or a snack.

The Staples

I suggest getting fresh(er) eggs at the green grocers rather than the supermarket. They just taste better. I will miss the avocados, which I can barely afford to eat daily in New York City when you get 3 small ones at Trader Joe’s for about US$4.00. Ugh. Here, they are about US$0.25 each. You might get better pricing from the supermarket, but knowing the small staff over the counter at the grocer’s is worth it.

The Seasonal Fruits

I am usually waited on by Marco, who is always excited to alert me to the fruit in season. I mentioned to him early on that I am interested to eat every new fruit in Mexico. They round out a  great breakfast as well as being packed with vitamins. Mostly, they are delicious. As my adventure unfolds, I will add to the blogpost when I encounter fruits that I consider exotic.



Black Zapote





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