Day 1: Project Kick-off!

It was a beautiful day in Mexico City and a great day for the “Significant Stories” project kick-off!

My co-teacher, Lucy, and I have been planning this project for a couple of weeks, adapting it to the the students. In teacher-speak this is called “differentiation”. Basically, we tailor the lesson’s new information to where the student is cognitively (like a baseline) and build from there.

The lesson began with a short game where we made a list of basic questions in order to get to know a new person. Since I was the “new person”, the students interviewed their partner and introduced that person to the rest of the class. The activity was written so this becomes an informal writing sample.

We first needed to define what “Community” means.

In terms of the the goals of the project, I think the students are well suited to make excellent products: their motivational stories found through community interviews, on video! We first needed to define what “Community” means. For example, one student lives with her grandparents (Wow! I’m looking forward to stories from them), so community can mean one’s immediate family. Another student’s family comes from Oaxaca, which is a rural state south of Mexico City, so community can mean where you and your family live.

The students all agreed to commit to the project over the next several weeks. I hope other students can be free to join us. We are a small group, but since this is a prototype lesson, we need to keep the group small. Once we gain some traction, I can envision many students participating and their teachers uploading their motivational significant stories from their communities.


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