Project, Day 6: Reflection

What a fun day today! The students have been working on their Significant Stories for over 2 weeks now. This was the “first run” of this unit plan with its own set of circumstances inherent to Mexico. The blessing I had was to find this Escuela Secundaria Tecnica with an able technical department. Vivi and Lupita have been supportive and helpful. The major unanticipated hurdle was the lack of sufficient wifi bandwidth in the homes of the students.

The technology and intra-communicability among our small working group was stymied by the variable types of internet service that these students have at home. All of the students said that they had a slideshow program on their computers, like Keynote or PowerPoint. Some had serious difficulty in figuring out how to make a smooth presentation with embedded video clips and narration! This is the reason why some of them had to work with Vivi and Lupita at school to finish their stories digitally. I will definitely need to create a How-To guide for this project.


For the brevity of time that had to work on this project, I am satisfied that the students got valuable information about their families. We had a 20 minute reflection exercise to tease out their outcomes.

Students Love

  • I loved that I meet my sister and the family of my dad who died in 2012.
  • I loved that I meet my aunts and uncles.” And found out that I had about 20 cousins!
  • I loved the time spent with Mr. Lim and my classmates. The stories of my mom were very funny and interesting; I learned much of her life, her childhood and her parents. It was so wonderfull.
  • I loved the way of teaching of Mr. Lim. I learned some words I don’t know.

Students Hate

  • I didn’t like that we have short time to do the project and that Mr. Lim will stay a short time in Mexico.
  • I didn’t like the homework of having to make the video because is very hard for me, even though Lupita and Vivi can help us.
  • I hope we have more time for realize this…
  • I didn’t like that my sister works a lot and I don’t have oportunity to question her.

Students Change Suggestions

  • I would change the form that we edit videos to be funnier [so that] students will pay attention to them.
  • That Mr. Lim shows us projects of other people, so we can [see] how we do the project.
  • I would increase the time with Mr. Lim because I wish I can learn more from him.
  • I would change the time that Mr. Lim stays in Mexico for more time…because I think he is a very good teacher.

One Reply to “Project, Day 6: Reflection”

  1. Just found your blog, Frederic. What a great project! I’m enjoying reading about it and finding inspiration for my work in Vietnam. Thanks for sharing!


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