Art Abounds in Monterrey

Besides being an important town for industries, Monterrey has three excellent museums. I had a chance to walk through Mexican history once more at the Museo de Historia Méxicana. It was yet another amazing museum curated by, I presume, the department of culture. I was not disappointed.

Of course, I wanted to know how this city in the north portrayed the indigenous peoples. My expectations were albeit, low before arriving just because more indigenous people populated the southern part of Mexico. I was wrong in presuming this! The displays about the indigenous people were balanced, not unilateral. The storyline was succinct yet many artifacts were set in modern casements. I liked the “Olmeca Babies”! See them in the collage on this post, top right corner.

In the center of the Macroplaza is a fountain that hints of those in Versailles, one in particular where the Neptune god is carried out of the waters on a chariot pulled by stallions. The fountain in Monterrey might be of Poseidon being pulled across the waters by wild horses. He holds his trident high. It can all bee seen from the floor of my hotel room.



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