Weekend 11: Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

Finally made it to Zihuatanejo, mom! You would have loved it here; it is an amazing place to be.

This weekend is a culmination of Día de Muertos, when the nation of Mexico stops and honors their departed loved ones on Nov 1 and 2. Around the end of August I had already been planning to use my one week off from researching (allowed by Fulbright) to relax somewhere in Mexico. While living in Guatemala, my mother came to visit. She mentioned that she wanted to go to Zihua, but we never had the opportunity. So, what would be more appropriate than celebrating her life in a place where she wanted to go, and on the special day of commemoration of the dead?

The receptionist at the hotel was sympathetic to my wish to set up a small “ofrenda” or altar in my room. She brought candles and the orange flowers that symbolize the sun. I brought the special skull from Cuernavaca made by a local artist. I arranged everything (as seen in the upper left corner of the collage. I learned how special this holiday is for the Mexicans, so being in Mexico, I wanted to give the celebration a try. I felt more at peace with the passing of my mom, which for years since 2009 has not been easy to process.


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