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This is my virtual home where you can turn periodically to catch a glimpse of where I am and what I’m creating. This is a portal where you can click to my other sites. If I can add or change anything to make something more legible, please leave comments. Unfortunately, this site will likely be perpetually “in construction”.

Currently, I’m in…

From Aug-Dec 2016, I am based in Mexico City implementing an inquiry project as a grantee of the Fulbright-García Robles Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program. To find out about my inquiry project on “Significant Stories” from various communities, please click FirstHeroes.wordpress.com. This inquiry project also incorporates my learning experiences in Peru (July-August 2016) as a grantee of the Fulbright-Hays Semester Abroad Program.

 DSC_0347.JPG Frederic Bernal Lim, MSc-Edu

About Teaching E.N.L.

I am honored to teach ESL/ENL (English as a Second/New Language) at St HOPE Leadership Academy charter school and proud to be part of its family of teachers, staff, students, and parents in Harlem, New York! Our school was named a National School of Character (2016).

I received my a Masters of Science in Education (MSc-Edu) via a scholarship program from the New York City Teaching Fellows in 2009. My teaching certificates are in Special (or Differentiated) Education and TESOL. My approach to teaching is holistic, which aims at global competence for my students through classroom collaboration. I aim to know my students’ academic needs (which might include emotional and developmental needs, too, usually through parent conversations) in order to best “reach & teach” them.

Living in the middle of  Manhattan, New York requires grit and balance! I schedule active “volunteer vacations” during the spring, summer, and autumn recesses. This means traveling to places like orphanages and schools in Guatemala and Peru to donate school supplies to our class pen-friends. I also help rural indigenous women’s groups via the humanitarian organization I founded in 2010 called Healer2Healer.org.

I have taught ENL since 2000 at various academic institutions, including La Universidad Francisco Marroqín and La Universidad Rafael Landívar in Guatemala; and New York’s Columbia University’s American Language Program.

En español

Estoy honrado de enseñar ESL/ENL (Inglés como Segundo/Nuevo Idioma) en St HOPE Leadership Academy en Harlem, Nuevo York! Estoy muy orgulloso ser parte de esta familia de profesores, personal, estudiantes y padres de familia. Nuestra escuela fue nombrada una Escuela Nacional de Carácter (2016)Obtuvo una Maestría en Ciencias de la Educación (MScEdu) a través del programa de becas de la Ciudad de Nueva York con una beca de los “New York Teaching Fellows” en 2009 . Yo abordo la enseñanza de manera integral, con miras a la competencia global en sus alumnos por la colaboración internacional en el aula. Me equilibro una vida familiar acogedor en Manhattan, Nueva York con activas “vacaciones de voluntariado”. Esto quiere decir traigo donaciones de útiles escolares a un orfanato en Guatemala. Yo ayudo a unos grupos de mujeres indígenas rurales a través de una organización humanitaria que fundó en 2010, la cual se llama Healer2Healer.org. He enseñado ESL desde 2000 en diversas instituciones académicas como en la Universidad Francisco Marroqín y la Universidad Rafael Landívar de Guatemala; y Columbia University en Nueva York.


Study Hints (a note to students)

Successful students also have caring parents and relatives at home. Most of the students I have taught had parents who recently emigrated from other countries (like Mali, Senegal, Yemen, the Dominican Republic, and others). They work hard to make a living in New York City and raise their families. The parents of successful students teach their children the values from their home countries. These include stories! In some families, stories are told at special family gatherings, but many stories are told “when the time is right”. Parents and grandparents have many stories to tell, like their life story. Tell their stories; it is part of your life-line, too.

Reconciling Education & Health

Brown suitFrom Mr. Lim’s LinkedIn Profile

Combining the fields of Education and Health reconciles my backgrounds in international trade, finance, teaching, and therapies. I strive toward global competency in the classroom and technical competency in our rural clinics. These underpin peaceful coexistence and nurture the “Social Good”.

For example, the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals activates our international collaborative projects both in the classroom (as urban students ponder solutions to human-created global catastrophes) and in the field (as rural women empower themselves to incrementally improve the daily lives of their patients coping with trauma from genocide).

Social Good does not happen when stand-alone non-profit organizations, small interest groups, or government programs work independently to try to solve our large-scale social problems. Neither does the business sector help unless there is a profit motive.

Social Good happens when these entities create synergy in coordinated efforts. It takes inherent interest, technical background, cultural knowledge, sensitive perspective and worldly wisdom–a combination of attributes required when collaborating with our classroom and volunteer projects.


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