English for Vocations Needed Here

It was not enough just to relax in Zihua. I learned that among the tourist hotels and array of restaurants, an impoverished population serves as the social lubricant that keeps the tourist industry humming.

I learned that there is a disproportionately high population of unwed teen mothers in greater Zihua. Yes, reproductive education could be a solution However, despite the psycho-sociological reasons for this inclination to happen, the fact is there are babies born that need to be fed. Such a baby becomes a burden to raise for the unwed teen mother, the father, and the families that support all three involved!

Eventually, adding up the multiplying families, the number of babies will take a toll on the economic wellbeing of the community because these they will need to go to school. Overcrowding an already over-crowded educational system will force some adolescents to work. If they find work, great. But without having graduated high school (much less university), those who do not continue their education will likely have a baby themselves.

In a tourist location such as Zihuatanejo, English for vocations that see the most tourist may be helpful. The obvious one are hotels, spas, massage therapy places, and restaurants. Along with targeted English vocabulary and situational (experiential) learning, students can concurrently be trained in useful job-specific skills.


Study-Break Beagle to My Rescue


Maya is a 2 1/2 year old beagle who is a great hound to have around when I need a study-break! I finally got the final bits of information I needed to complete the scope and sequence and unit plans for my inquiry project this week. So, wasting no time I got it done and sent it off for approval. I didn’t even plan any weekend trips for you to read. Instead, I enjoyed Maya’s funny dog antics on the roof-top terrace. Can you believe that for a dog she’s such a ham?