Maxcanú and Calkiní Visits

Maxcanú, in the State of Yucatán, is just across the board with Calkiní. Equally small in population (around 14,000), they both suffer the same malaise in terms of school quality. Schools follow the same curriculum set forth by the national government offices (Secretaría de Educación Pública, SEP), however, I notice a wide gap between the national standards from SEP (that seem to focus on the advancement of urban school) and the educational needs of the rural population in towns like Maxcanú and Calkiní.

It would be great to channel support toward creating a curriculum that caters to that need, namely a more compact plan of study focusing a trade. For example, English for vocations such as baking, auto-repair, beauty school, art basics, and rural health screening. This includes training in treating patients with indigenous plants and apitherapy. The curriculum is shorter, but complete, so that graduates can enter the workforce earlier and earn money sooner.

Focusing on young mothers, return immigrants, girls and boys, and continuing adult education might begin to solve social issues that have been plaguing Mexico.